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6 Kirkharle Cottages
Newcastle Upon Tyne
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Kate Thick  

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From my clinic here in the village of Kirkrharle, I provide acupuncture and a range of physical therapies. The majority of patients, about 65%, are women and the catchment area includes Newcastle but it is mostly a very rural population.

Although about 80% of the presenting problems are musculoskeletal, acute and chronic illnesses including depression and anxiety, digestive and respiratory disorders, obstetric and gynaecological conditions arrive at the door. There is also a gym for rehabilitation following accidents, surgery or strokes. I use ultrasound quite extensively and find that combining this with acupuncture and hands-on work can deal with nearly all musculoskeletal conditions. Ultrasound is also very good for the needle phobic and for the frail. I particularly enjoy working with the elderly and do home visits which, although time consuming, are hugely rewarding.

No two workdays are the same. I cannot imagine a more satisfying job. For this wonderful profession, my unending gratitude goes to the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine in Reading. I also want to thank John and Heather Russell, Margaret Ritchie and my brother Tony - without their support this clinic could not have been realised.

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